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Customer Centric Ideas for Network Marketing…Why the MLM Philosophy Sucks

Let's Face it…MLM Philosophy Sucks!

Have you ever wondered what it takes to reach the top of a network marketing company and be able to stay there for years on end? The Answer is a customer centric approach. 

Network Marketing has been growing so rapidly over the years that the culture within has forgotten what is truly important to this type of business. I'll give you hint it – This has nothing to do with how many distributors you have on your team..

For years people have told me to focus on getting other distributors for my network marketing business. That is what I did…that is what I focused on for so long. Over time, I realized that distributors come and go…It's part of the business.. making this industry a constant uphill battle to reach the top of an organization. As distributors, we tend to buy overpriced products on autoship that we do not use and are not passionate about at all. 

Most of the products I have tried in the past are nothing but a hoax. They never did what they were promoted to do. However, every once in a while a new network marketing company arrives with reputable products that are sold in bulk under wholesale giving the distributor resell rights for a return profit and leverage in the market place to run a successful business that is always in the "Green". 

This image above is the typical culture that exists when anyone thinks of Network Marketing or MLM opportunities. How many times have you and your downline made jokes about this? This is the exact type of thinking that drives distributors away from a business opportunity. 

 Those who focus on distributor recruitment are doomed to fail!

 The number one goal of every type of business since the beginning of time has been customer acquisition. The ability to acquire and retain customers throughout the lifespan of the business. The vision my group of network marketers has is to have more customers than distributors at all times. This cam be dome very easily if you work with the right company as we are doing right now. We buy into the company with a business builder pack for $499. This qualifies everyone at the Ruby level and allows us to effortlessly buy and sell our products in bulk on a montly basis while continuing to have a positive cash flow. 

Customer Centric Ideas For Network Marketing

Our distributor team is individually gaining 16 potential customers every month using this method. What does this mean…Volume…lots of Volume…which means faster rank advancements in the company.

As we sell product to our customer base, we speak with our warm market of other network marketers and ask them if they would be interested in this new approach to work as a united team in the industry building this customer centric business model. We work together to build our downlines deep, not wide. So what drives our team to success? Well, first thing is "Hard Work". 

Hard work is required no matter what you do in life to reach success. We run a business; therefore we all work and we work we the other people who work too to help them grow and earn more money. Those who do nothing get left in the dust. We reward people who work by helping them build their team. Network marketing is all about helping other business partners succeed with their own business as we provide the highest level of service to our regular customers. 

Have you been involved in Network Marketing before?

How long have you been involved in the industry?

How many companies have you been with? 

Are you open to looking at any other good business opportunities the focus on a customer centric approach?

Are you open to learning a whole new way to build a business that will keep your autoship reselling for a profit while recruiting hard working distributors to join the team? 

If your answer is "yes" to the last two questions then I would like to test your work ethic and see if you would be a good qualifing fit for the team. 

Join me at Markethive – Market Network for Entrepreneurs. Set up your account as an Alpha Trailblazer (free), then set up your profile page. Once that is done I will connect with you through social media (facebook, linkedin etc.) to exchange phone numbers to discuss our business opportunity and ask you to join the business group within Markethive. We must go through some steps just like a job interview to find those individuals who really qualify. 

We are real business people who want to make sure that the people who join our business will be "All In" with this business which requires the purchase of the business builder pack within our organization. You are going to need Markethive to promote your business online. There is no other Inbound Marketing Platform on the internet as powerful as this one. And it costs nothing…The tools inside are free…The top competitor to Markethive is Pardot or Marketo which costs $1000's a month to use..

Benefits of Joining Our Business at the Business Builder Level:

There are several reasons why we do this. The main reason is you as a distributor on our team will be ranked as a "Ruby" with our company which will qualify you for higher commissions meaning you will advance with the company very quickly. You will also have enough product on hand to resell for profit and acquire 16 new customers each and every month.

Additional perks: You will be given a network marketing recruiting system FREE. I will waive your purchase fees. You will always have other network marketers to contact and ask if they are interested at looking at this new business movement that is directing the network marketing culture into a customer centric culture.  We are also willing to give those individuals who purchase the business builder pack ($499); at the Ruby level, the affiliate rank in markethive as an Alpha Entrepreneur!

The Alpha Entrepreneur Affiliate Rank is valued at $5000! this is how commited we are to your success. 

I want to make sure that the same level of support I give my customers is also applied to my business partners. This will always be the case as long everyone is working hard and putting in the effort to build their business. 

For myself and team, we look forward to seeing you be a part of this customer centric movement! 


Steven Cavan

Markethive Alpha Founder- Legacy Member 

Ruby Team Leader 

Skype: Steven.Cavan